Students discuss growing unemployment among young graduates

A member of LuxDoc joined the Luxembourg’s University Students (LUS) for the 23rd European Student Convention which took place from 17th to 19th March 2012 at the University of Copenhagen. This 23rd edition of the Convention was jointly organised by the European Student’s Union (ESU) and the Danish National Union of Students. Its focus was on the topic ”Getting Young Europe Out of the Crisis: eyes on higher education and employability of graduates”. One of LuxDoc’s members was invited by the LUS to act as a representative of Luxembourg’s PhD students. 
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Three panel discussions were organised on the following topics:

  • The influence of private economy on higher education
  • A glimpse at the potential of higher education: going beyond skills
  • European Higher Education: Area of (UN)Employability?

Cop 1The Convention was launched with an opening speech by Morten Østergaard, the Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education of Danemark. Speakers from different European institutions with educational purposes contributed to the panel discussions. Luxembourg was represented by Germain Dondelinger from the Ministry of Education.

A series of parallel workshops dealt with the topics of graduates’ employability and students mobility (i.e. Erasmus for all, Youth employability, etc.). The aim of these workshops was to collect recommendations on “how to overcome the difficulties young graduates are faced with when finding a job”. The recommendations of the “Copenhagen declaration” will becommunicated to the national governments. The list of recommendations is published on the ESU website (

LuxDoc’s delegate also enjoyed the more informal social activities and was able to engage in many insightfuldiscussions on the national students unions work, management and organisation.

Marie-Line Glaesener for LuxDoc


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