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Save the date : 23rd and 24th of November

Workshop on developing Mentoring Skills for Doctoral Candidates


What is a mentoring program?

Starting a PhD thesis is a moment loaded with difficulties. How do I manage my time wisely, how do I get funding for attending conferences, what should I do when I have motivational problems? These are some of the challenges that a new PhD candidate may face when starting off in an academic career. All over Europe, so-called mentoring programs have been set up to help starting PhD candidates to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with a PhD journey. The aim of such mentoring programs is to encourage and support new PhD students through group meetings with a more experienced/advanced young researcher. Through mentoring programs, PhD students can acquire the necessary skills and tools in order to establish themselves in the academic world.

Unfortunately, such a mentoring and support structure has not yet been set up in the relatively recent academic world of Luxembourg. LuxDoc wants to fill in this gap by setting up a mentoring structure for PhD candidates in Luxembourg. For doing so, LuxDoc can rely on successful training structures which have emerged elsewhere. The general idea is that a tutor accompanies a small group (maximum six people) of young researchers, making them profit from his/her experience in the academic world. Each group is free to organise the meetings as well as the content of these meetings according to the needs expressed by the participants.

A first step in setting up a mentoring program for the Luxembourgish context is to train a first generation of future tutors. In such a training program, more experienced PhD students will acquire a set of skills to accompany starting PhD students and will learn how to successfully lead a group.


On November 23rd and 24th, Centre Gabriel Lippman will host the first Mentoring workshop. You want to join and become a tutor ?

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