Following the huge success of the first ever LuxDoc science slam in 2012, October 2nd 2013, saw the second one of its kind take place at Casino - Forum d’art contemporain. The event, similar to the first one, encountered a great feedback, both among the audience as well as the slammers, who came from all different disciplines of science. All the seats very taken and the audience was in for a great night of fun and laughter, but still getting some inside in on-going research projects.

The video can be found here:

The five slammers used the platform offered to them in many innovative ways, varying from singing to impressive slide shows or event theatre performances. All the slammers really embraced the idea of presenting their research in a fun and innovative way, without taking themselves to seriously. The event featured various presentations in different languages, performances and coming from numerous and contrasting scientific disciplines such as linguistics or biology. The second LuxDoc science slam proved once again, that research can be fun and entertaining and that meanwhile Luxembourg has its own growing community of scientist and researchers that not only can be considered as very important for the evaluation of the country, but as well are able to entertain an audience in only 10 minutes. You can soon get a look, as we will make the movie of the second science slam available on our homepage. We thank the University of Luxembourg and FNR as without their generous support, this event would not have been possible.

We will see you in 2014 for our third edition!

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