Who do we think we are? - Identity at Science Café

Science cafés are evening meetings in cafés or bars where experts and interested people meet to talk about science in a jargon-free way. The idea originates from 18th-century cafés where people often had the opportunity to participate in long scientific discussions. Modern Science cafés (or Cafés scientifiques) were established independently in Lyon in 1997 and Leeds in 1998.

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On June 12, 2013, LuxDoc hosted its first Café scientifique in Luxembourg-City. People were popping by Café Konrad to sip a cup of coffee or a cool beer while discussing with invited scientists one of the current issues relevant to all of us living in Luxembourg: Identity. The two guest speakers, Sonja Kmec (historian) and Paul Antony (biologist), led through the evening with an interesting exchange and a very different approach on the concept of “Identity”. We’ve let the evening die out with a drink and an ongoing discussion about “Identity”.
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