LuxDoc has started the first PhD mentoring program in the country. The idea is to create a support network among PhD candidates, like they already exist in many European countries. The aim of such programs is to ease some of the challenges that are usually faced during a PhD. Among them: I am doing a PhD, now what?, how do I manage my time wisely?, where can I find support?, how do I stay motivated and focused?, how do I manage the relationship with my supervisor, or supervision committee?

A diffused feeling is that of being the only one facing such challenges. But, this is usually not the case! And it doesn't need to be this way! Through mentoring, PhD candidates can meet, share information with each other, and acquire the necessary skills and tools in order to make their journey less lonely and stressful and establish themselves in the academic world.

We have received much feedback on our initial ideas from you. Thank you very much for this. As a consequence we believe that group-based sessions might be more interesting and relevant to your needs. By this, we mean a group of young researchers, more or less advanced in their PhD journey, who come together to discuss their problems and share their solutions, or find new ones. Each group would be facilitated by the presence of a discussion leader, a more experienced PhD candidate (or eventually a Post-Doc). The leader would be a trained mentor, and as such be able to guide the meeting in a constructive and meaningful way: to discuss topics relevant to the participants. The sessions would be preferably held in the vicinity of your professional location (e.g., Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, Walferdange, Belval).

Now we need your participation! In order to identify your interest for such sessions and your preferred locations to hold them , we'd like to hear from you. Let us know whether you would be interested in participating, and where you would prefer the meeting to be held. Also, tell us if you would be interested in organizing and guiding such meetings, of course with our support and training. Last, but not least, contact us if you have any other question or feedback.

Please fill in the Google Form at the following link!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Please consider supporting our efforts.