Since 2009, because of their double status (student and employee), Luxembourg and EU-countries PhD candidates were eligible to apply for an additional grant (and a loan) given by the Luxembourg government through the CEDIES institution. With this additional grant, PhD candidates could benefit of up to 6 000€ per year which did not have to be refunded to the State.
On March 20th 2014, the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Claude Meisch, has deposited a new Projet de loi (6670) with the goals to promote access to higher education to have a fair system and to save money. In this draft, the CEDIES grant is now split into three parts in addition to the loan:
  1. base grant (bourse de base)
  2. mobility grant (bourse de mobilité)
  3. social grant (bourse sociale)
Each part can be up to 2 000€ and the maximum annual amount grant and loan combined is 17 700€. This system should guarantee the autonomy of the student.

Normally, PhD candidates are still eligible for this grant through their student status. However, article 12 states that students earning more than ½ of the minimal wage (and up to 3x the minimal wage) are only eligible to receive the financial aid as a loan, but not as a grant. So, if a PhD candidate needs a financial aid in addition to his or her salary, he or she is free to apply for the CEDIES financial aid which will be granted as a loan if all other conditions are met.
Non-EU candidates can still not apply for the CEDIES financial aid. 

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